Marie Antoinette, 2006

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a dangerous gang of queers with a tough asexual member whose preferred weapon is heavy blunt objects. they call hir the “ace of clubs”.

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Hide, photo by Ann Emerald

Clothes - Atelier Boz, AatP

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non-binary genders date back to ancient egypt if not earlier and yet people still act like they’re some kind of “tumblr trend” like what else from 2000 bc are you not gonna believe in? roads? beer? locks?

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Holy fuck it is difficult and kinda scary trying to talk people into using gender neutral pronouns for myself when I’ve complacently gone along with the gendered pronouns of my physical sex for so long.

I’m having an anxiety attack even typing this, worrying people will accuse me of trying to be intentionally difficult and different. Get in my face about “Why now? You’re nearly 30. Shouldn’t you have figured this out in grade school?” Cause that’s already happened.

And I’m just sitting here going FML, I’m a constantly learning and evolving human being who is, yes, just now firming up my acceptance that my genderqueer-ness has a deeper seat than an aesthetic appreciation for androgyny. (Woah, alliteration.)


Ruminating over the juxtaposition of the general acceptability of drag against the utter unacceptablility of black/brown/yellow face.

Both are a performance of a marginalised and oppressed part of society by those in power. Both as admiration, and as cruel satire. But one barely raises an eyebrow while the other causes intense outrage and heated debate.

I have no definitive conclusions here. I’m just floating down a stream of consciousness with tumblr as a canoe and Pino Grigio as a paddle.


what doesnt kill you gives you exp points

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Level “Ultra-Mega British” unlocked



I NEED this

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Any parenting book that advises you against communicating with your child/teen is a bad parenting book.

Throw that shit away. Who cares who you embarrass? This is your future with your offspring we’re talking about. TALK TO THEM.

Talk to them about what they read, what they watch, the music they listen to. Get to know their friends.

Be their friend AND their guidance. Balance discipline and “being cool”.


Just a shout out to all the stunt women, who do all the badass work of their male counterparts, often without the protective padding that can be hidden under menswear, because their characters are in cocktail dresses and heels. ❤

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